Tales of Discordia

Session Recap: May 7th, 2016

The adventurers Fodell, Kerkash, and Ventari ventured further into the old city. within, they learned of the origins of the mindflayers, and became aware of whom they served; Something called “The Great Old One”, a being of supreme dark power from an alternate dimension far away that had been summoned within the depths of the world to devour it from within. As the adventurers delved deeper into the old city, their minds and thoughts seemed to be invaded by a powerful evil. It wore on their sanity and drove them to near madness the closer they got to the old one’s chamber. It was there that they found it; a gargantuan nightmarish mass of flesh and teeth and tentacles whose form was unfathomable and incomprehensible to their mortal eyes. Their resolve and tenacity against the rage of madness ensured their victory, if only temporarily. King Rendogar re-sealed the Old One within his prison beneath Hammerkeep, and the party returned to be greeted with a heroes welcome.

During a congratulatory ceremony for the heroes on the slopes of Mount Hammerkeep, an ancient black dragon attacked. In the wake of the dragon’s destruction, King Rendogar was slaughtered, leaving his brother, Regent Lord Ranovin the single heir to the throne. The black dragon passed over the mountains to the east. The heroes followed, and Kastel Fenrin joined them. Fenrin thought it would be a good idea to check in with the silver lance enclave in Thunder peak along the way, since it was their charge to keep the ancient dragons in containment. The silver lances here were reluctant to share details at first, but kastel and Kerkash managed to get the elves talking. This particular dragon was not native to Thranargos, and was a harbinger of darker days to come. For this particular dragon, the elder and leader of the evil black dragons, was to symbolize the coming of the apocolypse. The Lances offered no further explanation and turned the party away, stating that the Order of the Silver Lance would see to it themselves. The party continued in the direction the dragon was last sighted, hoping to gain more clues of it’s whereabouts along the way. They found nothing, but happened upon Storm Coast Harbor, a small coastal town that served as a seaport. Here the party rented a room at the local inn, and Kerkash decided to have some fun at Kastel’s expense. He visited a nearby brothel and rented the homeliest of prostitutes, and sent her in Kastel’s direction. Kastel politely turned her down and visited the docks where a friendly sailor treated him and Kerkash with Devilweed, a psychotropic drug akin to marijuana. They exchanged stories of their personal lives and returned to the inn, taking up lodgings for the night.



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