Warren Darkbane

A spectre that preys on evil.


Level 4 Bloodhunter, Profane Soul


Once a man of virtue, he led companies of knights in onslaughts against evil legions, Cured entire villages of plagues, slayed beasts and rescued lost loved ones. Warren Darkbane now lives on as a spectre that preys on evil; A monster that exists only to kill other monsters. After years of pursuing Evil and putting an end to it, a vengeful demon, Seggyth, found and killed Warren’s family; a wife and child. The slaughter of his family drove him to madness, after which the demon appeared to him and offered him a chance to be with his family once more; By taking his own life and surrendering his soul, he could join them in the afterlife. Warren was seduced by the offer and threw himself upon his own sword. Some time later, for reasons beyond comprehension, he became conscious and pulled the sword from his chest. Realizing that he was impossibly still alive, he became convinced there was a reason for it; A dark calling that put him above any law, any jurisdiction, any deity. He was spared death for one purpose; To destroy evil, Avenge his family’s death, and wreak vengeance upon the agents of hell. He knows however, that the pursuit of this goal will render his soul forfeit. In the afterlife, he will be condemned as the monster that he has become. Only once evil is purged from the world will Warren Darkbane truly allow himself to die. After all, he has no place in a peaceful world. Those who know him would argue that Warren Darkbane is already Dead, and in his stead there is only the raw manifestation of Vengeance.

Warren Darkbane

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