Kerkash Bannililth

A warlock with an eye for power and an ear for the lore of old.


high elf with snow white hair and pure green eyes. Built but still not big by any means. favourite colours are white and azure blue.


From birth Kerkash never knew his parents, he was brought to Stork’s Meadow orphanage when he was only 3 months. He only had the tattered cloth “blanket” wrapped around him and a silver ring placed in the cloth with him. Although most kids tried to play with Kerkash he kept himself removed from them reading books on the wizards of the past although he was most fascinated by the ones who made deals with demons and rose to power that way. Kerkash quickly realized that people in the world were only doing things for themselves and brought this belief into his own actions. At the age of 13 he found the ring left to him in a chest along with what must of been jewellery left with other children and realized even the orphanage was only doing this for the money. He took his ring and always wears it even in his sleep. Now that he was 14 he decided to finally leave the orphanage and explore the city and the pockets of those who lived in it. As a high elf in Everand he didn’t draw much attention to himself and could blend into the background easily. He quickly found women would come to his aid if he pretended to be injured as he had rather fair looks with his pure white hair he kept just above shoulder length and his Deceivingly pure green eyes, he used this to steal things like coin purses and some jewellery. At the age of 16 he was kicked out of the orphanage due to his criminal actions so he was forced to go from pub to pub cheating people at card games or taking coin purses from people in order to get enough money to feed himself and have a place to sleep when he wasn’t in a cell. As he grew older he wanted to learn more about warlocks and how powerful they could be but couldn’t afford the books to learn more. He decided to break into an old man’s house and search for any books and was amazed to find stacks of them but before he could read any his body felt weak and he fell to the ground, his ring bouncing across the room was the last thing he remembered. He awoke in a cell instantly greeted by an old man with a large gash across his left eye. The man threw a ring at Kerkash and he instantly noticed it was his and put it on hastily. “follow me.” the old man beckoned and Kerkash obliged out of curiosity. The man took him back the house he had attempted to rob and to the room with all the books. The old man grabbed a large book and held it in front of kerkash the title read “The Arcane War” as he went to grab the book the old man used it as a bludgeon and smashed him across the head. “you have two days to read the whole book.” the old man said believing this task to be impossible. The next day Kershaw started reading and learned how powerful wizards used to be and realized this is exactly what he needed and read the book nonstop till the next evening. Handing the old man the book Kerkash believed he would be impressed but instead was greeted with more books and that was the routine for 3 months before the man decided to actually train him in the fiend powers of necromancy. Kerkash believed he could become stronger than any other wizard before him but was hit with reality when he was awoken to find the man gone without a trace and all the books burned in a fire leaving him with nothing to learn from. Enraged Kerkash left everything behind him at age 23, after four years of training, to search for more power… at any cost.

Kerkash Bannililth

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